About Us

www.indulgemall.com (“the website”) is wholly owned and operated by Indulge Mall
Group Pte Ltd.

Our vision:

Our vision is to be the premier online shopping mall in Singapore by offering a truly unique and enjoyable shopping experience.

Our values:

Our values are to treat our customers, business partners and employees with the utmost integrity, service and respect.

Our corporate social responsibility:

At Indulge Mall Group Pte Ltd., we truly believe in giving back to our communities. That is why we have a dedicated section in the website which helps to facilitate this by better connecting our business partners and registered charities. This helps to ensure that the right resources are channelled to the right people at the right time.

Our product and service offerings:

At Indulge Mall Group Pte Ltd., our business development partners are constantly looking for the most popular products and services that you our customer would want to buy. In addition, we strive to provide you with the best value by offering competitive prices through bulk buy discounts. We screen our business partners carefully and aim to only list products or services from merchants who have the same values as us.

Why shop at indulgemall.com?

If you are new to online shopping, we will like to reassure you that our website offers a safe shopping environment by using secure payment technologies, prompt customer service and competitive prices. If you are a seasoned online shopper, you will see that our website is designed with you, our customer, in mind by offering a luxurious feel, easy navigation and a fuss free registration and check out process.

At indulgemall.com, we believe that you our customers deserve the best in life. This was how we came up with the name. It is exactly because life is short; that we studied and worked so hard all our life that we should learn to indulge more in our loved ones and ourselves.