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Why is that My Indulge Mall codes not working?

For every Indulge voucher, there will be a code attached to it, which should be used for redemption purposes. On your indulge voucher, it will also be stated the redemption start date and end date. It will also state any timing restrictions, if requested by our partner.

We also encourage that you be wary of the code you key in space provided. Please be sure to check for any errors E.g. (spelling, keying in an alphabet or number more that required.)  You can avoid to be caught in situations like this by copying and pasting the codes directly from your voucher to the website, to avoid any possible typing error.

If the problem still persists, it may be that the code is invalid. This unfortunate encounter may sometimes occur because the code was not registered with our partner’s database when it was first activated.

To resolve the issue, please contact our partner’s directly and inform them about the issue that you are encountering, so that they can have your code reset. You can find the contact details of the business on the voucher.