What can we help you with?


If you wish to use a promo code, please follow these simple steps:


1.            Select the indulge voucher you wish to buy.

2.            Click 'buy now'.

3.            Tick the box called 'Use a promotion or gift code'.

4.            Enter the promo code. We recommend that you copy and paste the code to ensure no typing errors.

A few things to know

1. Promo codes are valid only once over the duration of the promotion on a single voucher per person.

2. Promo codes are not valid on any third party websites.

3. Promo codes do not apply to taxes, shipping, or other fees.

4.Promo codes are only eligible for vouchers, where you purchase a voucher from Indulge Mall to redeem with the merchant directly. Travel vouchers where you are required to select dates using a calendar are excluded from our offers.

If you are lucky enough to have received an email from us on the best offering discount but there is no promo code, all you have to do is log into your account on the Indulge Mall website and make a purchase. Please make sure to log in with the email address that the email was sent to. As long as all of the conditions of the offer are met, then the discount will be applied during the purchase.