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Indulge Mall Getaways:

All extra surcharges (If any) will be clearly stated in the fine print. Please refer to the fine print section for more detailed information. 

1.            Purchase your Indulge Getaway voucher.

2.            Your voucher will then be available for your viewing in your Indulge Mall account under “My Indulges” and will include all of the necessary booking information according to the deal.

3.            Contact the merchant as specified on your voucher before the book-by or expiration date. Be sure to mention your voucher code and that you are an Indulge Mall customer.

 4.           Book a comfortable date that you would like to travel within the travel window specified in the Fine Print to avoid future trouble.

5.            Provide your credit card details accurately, if necessary. This is only to secure your booking. Your credit card will not be charged.

Main reasons for such occurrences are because every travel merchant will have peak periods where the travel flow is very high. They would therefore need to adjust to the tour operator’s demands. Our merchant tries to avoid such costs. However, you may choose to contact the merchant to find out the non-peak periods.

Do make sure to check into your spam folder, junk folder and other inboxes of your E-mail account. Allow the merchant as a safe sender in your E-mail account for them to send any such additional details that would be required to send out before your trip. Alternatively, you must contact the tour operator if you have received no such E-mail. Our tour operators are to ensure all of the confirmation details are processed. 

Once the tour operator has sent you the confirmation via email of the flight number or tour reservation details (if applicable) and the hotel details will be included. Online flight check-in may be available (if applicable, this will be indicated in your confirmation email). Some confirmation E-mails may take 1-2 months, according to your tour operator. Please confirm with the tour operator during the time of booking, on a time span that your voucher should be reaching you.

All travel information such as, airport pick-up is included in your voucher. If you are still unsure, please contact your tour agent.

No, it would be advisable to purchase travel insurance of your own. Whether you travel with us or by yourself,   travel insurance assures a safe and covered experience.

Once your voucher purchase is confirmed, strict cancellation and change policies will come in place and you may incur a surcharge and be non-refundable

1.            Our Merchant’s terms & conditions are to be applied with all purchases that is stated in the fine print of the voucher.

2.            All vouchers/Promotions/codes are subjected to the laws and regulations of the designated country.

3.            In some cases you would be required to provide security deposit. They may request for a cash deposit or credit card. Do have this prepared to avoid any delays upon check-in

4.            Always check the MFAT Singapore website (https://www.mfa.gov.sg/content/mfa/consular_information/for_singapo...) for knowledge if you purchase an indulge travel voucher.

Whether you are looking to relax and unwind or a quick weekend getaway with your loved ones, Indulge Mall has it for you. We are confident you will be able to find a indulge getaway experience of your choice. You may click on our travel page option for a good variety of hotels and tours.

It would depend on the deal of the voucher provided by the merchant.

If you have already purchased a voucher, your voucher will be available for your viewing for in your Indulge Mall account under “My Indulges” and will include all of the necessary information To redeem your voucher and book your dates to travel, kindly contact the merchant.