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Lotus Secret Bun is a humble Halal based restaurant with the emphasis on Asian cuisine infused with modern interpretations. The cooking style is reminiscent of traditional recipes brought down from days of past and reintroduce with contemporary reimagination. Often describe as colourful and lively in flavour and presentation. The establishment serves for catering, take away as well as delivery. Enjoy the comforts of your own private space as they will delivery flavours of the east right to your door.


Sprung from the dwellings of the Malay community in Joo Chiat Road, this establishment will tentalize its clientele with its unique approach to classic well known dishes; giving it a breath of new life and invigoration.  Every dish is cooked to perfection with love an expertise. Customers have been raving their services for years whether it be individual or corporate. Health of its consumers is an important factor and as such prepartion methods are ensured to provide a balance meal without comprise in taste.


Be mesmerized by the yester years, Just like the days of Kampung, from farm to plate. Ambience of your choosing with the delectables made famous by the Malaysian Peninsula. Experience like never before how tradition meets modern in this exquisite marriage of both worlds. Place your desired dishes with Lotus Secret Bun and let the exploration of flavours  take you on an amazing ride.